About Us:

Founder members of our Office are Varga Tamás Péter european patent attorney and Szilágyi Ildikó patent attorney, who have been active in the field of protection of intellectual property and industrial property already since about 20 years. Members have right to represent clients before the HPO, EPO, OHIM and WIPO.

Our Office cares for a wide range of intellectual property and intellectual products in Hungary and also on international level. In the last years, we have obtained branching out knowledges and experiences, which we can profit continuously in the matters of our clients. Due to this fact, our clients come back and mandate us with the representation of their new matters, also other firms become our clients on their recommendation. For our Clients it is very attractive that as a relative little office, we can manage their matters with an appropriate great attention and at the same time flexibly and adapting to their unique case.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to help our clients in the field of innovation and technical research-development in the long run, and to ensure the effective protection of borning knowledge and results. For our clients we help to protect and exploite the reached results and knowledges with advising, compilation and filing of applications necessary for the protection, and with obtaining and enforcing rights in Hungary and abroad, too.

Our main activities:

In the field of patents:

Starting Hungarian national phase on the basis of PCT Filing European patent application on the basis of PCT Hungarian validation of patent granted on the basis of the EPC

In the field of trademarks:

Representation apropos of WIPO trademark matters in Hungary Community trademark application and enforcing rights in Hungary in connection with it

In the field of designs:

Representation apropos of WIPO design matters in Hungary Community design application and enforcing rights in Hungary in connection with it

Our partners:

To keep up our professional technical learning, we continuously follow the newest results of the technical development. In connection with it, we maintain close connection with developers, researchers of several partner educational institutions, universities. In general and special legal problems arisen in the course of our work – e.g. company foundation, apport of intellectual property, criminal proceedings – our legal adviser background helps us. To good quality work, we demand technical advisers in case of special technical problems.


Among our clients there are primarily small,- and medium enterprises. Our activity is to represent our clients before the Hungarian Patent Office (HPO), the European Patent Office, the WIPO and the OHIM, in conformity with our competence. In case of legal dispute we help and represent our clients before the HPO, the Metropolitan Court of Budapest and its Appeal Board.

In the countries out of these regions (USA, Canada, China, Australia, Russian Federation, etc.) we represent our client’s current matters with the cooperation of partner offices.


Varga and Partner Patent and Trademark Office

H-1111, Bertalan Lajos utca 20. Fsz. 3/A.

Telefon: +36-1-386-8103
Fax: +36-1-386-8103
E-mail: office@vargaestarsairoda.hu

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